My Discord Bot. Written in Python. Its a Work in Progress. Relies on
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A Discord bot.

Relies on for all the clever stuff. Is built for HexDSL and is not designed to be used by anyone else. It can be. I just don't want to deal with supporting anyone else!


  • Uses a sexy for configuration.
  • Has a cool icon!
  • Gives you CLI information.
  • Post to Pleroma when events happen.
  • Does not use database (I wanted to keep it simple.)
  • Checks to see if Owncast stream is live and makes post.
  • Checks an RSS feed for updates and makes post.
  • Post when new YouTube videos are posted.

Planned Features.

  • Make CLI info toggle-able
  • Maybe make the "posts" embeds (not sure)
  • Tidy it up. Because its going some stupid stuff (like why not have a "post to Pleroma" function?)
  • Re-write in C. Because I like C better.
  • Have timer to place URL/text reminder in chat once a day (maybe.)

What it will never do.

  • Be good.
  • Make people think you are cool.


This code is all CC BY-SA 4.0


  1. Do all the things on the Discord Developer portal (
  2. Edit settings in and rename to
  3. Use pip3 to install 'feedparser' and 'discord' (or your package manager, I'm not your dad do what you like!)
  4. Run python3 and bask in the output (make sure it works)
  5. Edit and move the supplied robotsnake.service.example to /etc/systemd/system/robotsnake.service (daemon-reload and enable/start service.)
  6. Hope it works
  7. Fix the things that don't work.

Things to be aware of.

  • If you want the Pleroma/mastodon posting to work you need to have Toot installed and setup up as whatever user you will be running the bot as. You may want to comment out those lines if you don't want that but the worst case scenario is some error chatter in terminal.
  • You may need to CHMOD the .dat files depending how you run it.
  • Security is your own problem, this bot is offered 'as is' and I make no promises that it wont mess up your life if you run it.
  • if you like it and use it you should tell people about (also I have a Patreon!)